Top 20 Travel Destinations to Visit on Your Twenties

Top 20 Travel Destinations to Visit on Your Twenties

As we’ve heard on many occasions, wisdom passed down from generation to generation, it’s been noted that time flies while we are having fun right? Traveling in your 20’s can seem like an unattainable challenge due to many factors like finances and the absence of travel buddies that may not be as willing to fly to a foreign destination, but why let that stop you? Simple solutions like saving $10 a week or taking the time to shop for flights/hotels well in advance in fact make it all possible and worth it in the long run. We’ve compiled a roster of 20 places to visit before the big 30 brings you into a new light of life. Naturally it’s unlikely you’ll get to visit more than one destination but we know any destination you choose will be life changing in many ways.

Barcelona, Spain

Visit dazzling destinations like Park Guell in Barcelona to see displays unique artwork in the city.

Reykjavik, Iceland 


Istanbul, Turkey

New Orleans, Louisiana


Cape Town, South Africa

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Santorini, Greece

Paris, France


Pacific Coast Highway, California

London, England


Las Vegas, Nevada

Maui, Hawaii


Seattle, Washington

New York City, NY


Okinawa Island, Japan

Montreal, Canada


Big Sur, CA



Costa Rica

New Zealand

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