Must Watch Halloween Movies

Must Watch Halloween Movies

If you are looking for the ultimate fright or looking for some family fun I have found the perfect list of must watch Halloween movies for you! 

Family Friendly 

Monster House, Coraline, and Frankenweenie are great animated movies that the family is sure to love. Also animated is The Nightmare Before Christmas, and this movie is great because you can watch it for Halloween and Christmas! Most family Halloween movies are animated, but a few live action movies to watch with the kids are Matilda, Ghost busters ( new or old both are great!) and Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus for a little magic! 

Gore Galore

If you are the type that loves the blood and guts then these are sure to hit the mark for you. Evil Dead is an absolute classic film that will have you screaming, cheering, and maybe even feeling a little grossed out at the end. The Saw franchise always provides lots of gore and suspense with people getting put into puzzles that usually involve some loss of limbs or life to get out of. Final Destination has the most creative ways for people to kick the bucket if that's what you are looking for. 


Poltergeist is a mainstay ghost flick that only seems to get better with time. This is a must watch for any paranormal fans. Paranormal Activity is like the Poltergeist but on steroids, and they have multiple movies in the franchise now so you can get scared all night! Blair Witch Project is the original found footage film and will keep you from wanting to turn around for a long time! Just make sure you keep the lights on after watching these films because you won't want to know what's going on in the Dark! 

Creepy Not Scary

If you are looking for something macabre but not wanting to hide under the blankets all night then these films will be good for you. Edward Scissor Hands,Sleepy Hollow,and The Corpse Bride Are some Classic Johnny Depp performances with Tim Burton at the helm. Beetle Juice is always a good pick in October and the Addams Family will pair laughs with spooky characters better than any movie out there.

I hope you enjoy this list and maybe these are just a starting point for you to create your own perfect Halloween watch list! 

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