How To Plan the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl 

How To Plan the Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl 

I have a personal challenge for you.


This St. Patricks Day, instead just heading doing to your local pub and drinking until dawn, I want to encourage you to try something a little different (and definitely more fun).




You know you've always wanted to do one ( I remember my first crawl, LIFE-CHANGING). And rather than waiting on someone else to plan it, it’s time for you to step up and take on the challenge. Your friends will definitely thank you.


Because we're basically pub crawl masters, we've broken down how you can plan the perfect St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl into 5 easy steps.


#1 Pick the pubs


Well yeah duh. I know this is a little obvious, but believe it or not, it’s one of the most overlooked part of most crawls. Why? Well, there needs to be a bit of logic to the route, otherwise your whole crawl will be down the tubes before it begins. The pubs need to be close enough that your party can stumble from door to door (there's a reason it's called a 'crawl'). Or, if you’re getting a ride between various locations, arrange transportation beforehand, and make sure to account for travel time in your evening plans.

*Pro tip* Since you only have one evening, I’d recommend choosing somewhere between 4-6 pubs. 3 is just not enough to call it a proper crawl, and more than 6 makes it more of a checklist than a fun night out.


#2 Plan to eat


So, I know you all want to save room for the drinks, but unless you stop and eat along the way, I can guarantee you’ll be so sick by the third stop that you’ll barely be able to enjoy the evening. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Either ensure that everyone is going to eat at pub number ____, or make a quick pit stop along the way to fill up the tank.


#3 Throw in a contest


Nothing makes an event more fun that throwing in a little friendly competition. A contest will help people stay engaged the whole night (can’t have anyone quitting halfway), and it might become your favorite part of the whole evening. After drinking that is...

*Pro Tip* Make the contest St. Paddy’s themed like ‘take a picture with someone dressed like a leprechaun’, ‘have a chugging contest with a stranger’, etc. And definitely don’t forget to take picture and videos. Lots and lots of them.


#4 Gear up as a group


Whether you decide to get custom tees made for the evening, or you're going to pick the perfect raglan from our St. Patrick's Day Collection, a group look is a must. You'll stand out amongst all the other pub goers in their plain green tees (lame). And it will help you identify one another as your cognitive functions deteriorate throughout the evening.


#5 Plan your exit strategy


Not that I really want to talk about this, but all good things must come to an end. Make sure you know how everyone is getting home after the night is over. Because the last thing you want to do at the crack of dawn (while super drunk) is try and figure out a ride home. 


We hope that your pub crawl experience is super magical, memorable, and other 'm' words we can't think of right now. Follow these tips, and you're definitely in for an awesome evening. You may even be awarded the coveted title 'Pub Crawl Master'.  

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