If you are a veteran of the macabre or a basic witch, here are 5 AWESOME ways to take your Halloween party to the next level and make you the envy of the neighborhood! 

 1) The Glowing Cauldron Cooler   

A unique way to serve drinks to your guests is with a glowing cooler! The spooky green glow will look like a witches cauldron, and there will definitely be some powerful potions in there! For an even greater look add some dry ice to the bottom of the barrel to create an awesome fog like effect! just make sure to take plenty of precautions when using dry ice as it is bad to touch it with bare skin.

2) Bloody Syringe Jello Shots


Whether you are serving vampires, mad scientists, or anything in between these jello shots are sure to be a hit! Serving them up in a syringe with the blood red color gives a creepy yet delicious treat for your guests! The best part is they are easy to make with the recipe posted below or you can make a kid friendly batch!

1 (3oz) pkg of strawberry or strawberry kiwi jello
1C water
1/2C vodka
1/4C Midori/melon liqueur
1/4C peach schnapps

Bring water to boiling, then pour over gelatin, stirring until dissolved. Add alcohol, mixing well. Chill 2-4 hours... Makes about 20 (using 1 oz cups)

3) Floating Candles 

Like something straight out of Harry Potter these floating candles will provide an awesome atmosphere at your party with their magical appeal! Relatively simple and cheap to make all you will need is some used paper towel rolls, white paint, hot glue, tea lights, and thin invisible fishing line! First take the hot glue and let it drip down the sides of the paper towel rolls to give the look of melted wax. Once dry paint the entire roll and glue white to look like candle wax. Then you can glue the tealights into the rolls along with fishing line by making a loop around the tea light so it can go on the ceiling. Finally attach the candles to the ceiling and you are good to go! It's best to have some kind of small stick or rod so you can turn the candles on and off without having to take them apart if you want to use them for more than one night! 

4) Partied Out Pumpkins 

Here's a fun way to carve some pumpkins for the front porch! When your guests are arriving to your party and see the pumpkins having such a good time they'll know that a night of fun is in store for them! This might not be the creepiest piece of decor on the list but it's always a favorite way to set the tone before even entering the room!

5) Halloween Photo Booth

A must have at your Halloween party this year is a DIY photo booth! This is the perfect way to capture the memories of what is sure to be a spooktacular night! Some great backgrounds to use are dark clothes and chains like pictured, a white sheet with red paint/fake blood splattered all over, or if you have some exposed brick an epic dungeon scene could unfold! There are plenty of programs out there that let you set up your own photo both so all you need is a camera or smart phone to take pictures on a timer! Or if you want to get really creative you can get a Polaroid style camera to take pictures with so your guests can have some vintage looking photos to take home!